Month: August 2019

Different Types Of DWI Felony That Every Driver Should Know Before Hitting The Road


Drunk driving is the primary cause of many road accidents in the United States. Either DWI or DUI, these two have been a pressing problem for decades. Although many drivers are careful in driving and are abiding by the law, some still make mistakes. Drunk driving often causes damages to properties and humans. And the worst thing is, it’s the innocent ones who get injured or killed during these accidents. Therefore, stricter laws and regulations are being implemented in the entire country to lessen these incidents. 

Many want to know about the corresponding law and policies regarding dwi felony. When you get charged for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), the punishment may be simple, especially if there are no damages or it is your first time. It is a misdemeanor, but there are four instances in the state of Texas where a DWI charge becomes a felony. 

DWI Third

DWI third is the most common type among the four. It happens when you have two prior DWI charges already, and this is your third time getting convicted. However, you have to take note that specific changes took place when it comes to this. In the past, if your last … Read More